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Waterbury, CT, USA

December 6, 2022

About the Role

This position is responsible for assembly, visually inspecting and testing sensors, tachometers, electronic subassemblies and other various electro-mechanical product to ensure that customer quality an on time delivery requirements are met.

Assembly components for sensor and tachometer products. This may include:
assembly, calibrating, welding, magnetizing, potting, coil winding, soldering, machining, brazing, plastic injection molding and testing.
a. soldering fine magnet wires to wire/cable assemblies.
b. Soldering leads, wires and cables to flex circuit assemblies.
c. coil winding, skeining, taping and terminating.

*Perform simple electrical measurements with DVM's, oscilloscopes, etc.
*Visually inspects work to ensure that customer quality requirements are met.
*APT, Insulation resistance, Dielectric, DCR, Inductance testing.
*May perform in process testing and/or machine set ups on sub assemblies.
* Maintains manufacturing records and SPC charts when required.
* Adheres to blueprints, work instructions, routers, BOM's.
*Follows ISO/As 9100, Aerospace level, quality procedures.
* Adheres to all safety procedures as required by position.
*Performs other duties and duties and responsibilities s assigned.


High School or equivalent education experience.

Effective verbal and written communication skills.

Hand soldering using soldering irons and reflow techniques.

Standard tin/lead and RoHS handing techniques.

MIL/IPC-J-STD, IPC-A-600/610 soldering and rework training a plus.

5 years of experience related to duties and responsibilities including soldering.

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