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Client Benefits

Total Staffing Support

Jaci Carroll is staffed by people certified by ASA as Certified Staffing Professionals (CSP). These seasoned pros also work with up-to-the-minute technology to create matches that work. Our branch offices are fully integrated with multi-function software to provide you with total staffing support. We can fill a vacancy for a few days, create an entire temporary staff for the duration of a special project, or offer you permanent placement alternatives.


Certified Staffing Professionals

The CSP program from the American Staffing Association

enhances the competency and knowledge of labor and employment

law of any professional who interacts with candidates,

employees, and clients.

Recruiting Strategies

  • Constant updating of the area's largest data base of employees. For over two decades, Jaci Carroll has tracked the careers of area employees in order to match the requirements of your business' temporary and permanent staffing needs.

  • Committing to a recruiting department which deploys a full-time specialist to conduct job fairs, seminars, and speeches throughout the state. This effort is complemented by our stand-out advertising campaign which is strengthened through high volume placement in a diversified mix of radio, newspapers, and periodicals.

  • Open positions marketed on major job boards, including Indeed and the Department of Labor board CT Hires, and also on social media sites. Positions at Jaci Carroll are also available for online application on our own automated job board.

Testing and Training

For any light industrial employees, we can provide them specified training catered to your professional requirements regarding health & safety.  For our administrative employees, we send SkillCheck skill evaluations to test their software & data entry capabilities.  Our employees come to you interviewed, evaluated, and work ready.


Assess Don't Guess: Contract to Hire Options


Take the guesswork out of hiring. Our temp to hire program allows you to assess job performance and compatibility before you make a long-range commitment. Hire the person who is right for you.


SkilMatch for Matches That Work

We are the area's only staffing service to go completely "on-line." Our automation software SkilMatch2 allows our highly trained coordinators to electronically search employee files to "instantly" match the skills our most qualified person for your staffing needs. Ask for a demonstration today!

Client & Company Liability Insurance

Guaranteed Service

We send our employees to you with a 100% written Guarantee.


Experience, Accountability and Flexibility


It's how Jaci Carroll Staffing is Shaping Tomorrow.

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