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As we look toward tomorrow, we remember our past-and the values we founded this company upon: Quality, Ethics, Service, Leadership, Education, Innovation, and Growth. By remaining true to these principles, we are celebrating almost 50 years of partnering with, and managing the work forces of, Connecticut businesses.

Jaci Carroll Staffing Services was founded in 1976 by Jaci Carroll. We were the first, and are now the area's largest, independently-owned and operated full service staffing company in Connecticut. As a Nationally Certified Woman Owned Business, Jaci Carroll Staffing Services has built a solid reputation on professional responsiveness to area businesses and is recognized as an industry innovator.

Although our company is Connecticut-based, we keep our national perspective through the American Staffing Association (ASA), our industry trade association, and our exclusive membership with the Independent Staffing Alliance (ISA) - a nationwide network of 21 independently owned, non-competitive staffing companies. This involvement ensures we can meet your needs on a national level with significant knowledge of industry developments, especially in HR law and related technology.

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