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Wisely Pay- Direct Deposit

  • Accepted at millions of location worldwide, including internet/telephone-order merchants and millions of ATM's.

  • Prestige product offering flexibility and independence, also a tool to develop or improve financial management skill.

  • Financial freedom by expanding purchasing power of those accustomed to cash-only lifestyle.

  • Cost effective- Avoid check cashing fees.

  • Convenient fast and easy access to funds.

  • Safety. Relieves the need to carry large sums of money and protects cardholders from financial loss if their card is lost or stolen.

  • No credit check. Anyone is eligible subject to USA Patriot Act Compliance and OFAC check and appropriate proof of identity.

  • Direct Deposit. Cardholders may have funds from sources such as employers, tax refunds, social security benefits, workers compensation and other federal or state reimbursements deposited to the card.
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