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Diversity Supplier

By actively engaging supplier diversity as a value-added strategy, your company can create a competitive advantage by partnering with regional, minority-owned businesses exhibiting:

  • Financial stability and a proven track record.

  • Sound business principles and history of ethical decision-making.

  • Local ownership for the capacity to respond rapidly.

  • Quality processes and commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Flexible and creative approaches to partnerships and customized services.

  • Higher quality and value while maximizing results for total cost reduction.


Jaci Carroll Staffing is a Nationally Certified Women-Owned Business by NWBOC which has provided staffing services to virtually all major corporations operating in the state of Connecticut. Founded, owned and operated by two generations of women, mother and daughter, we provide staffing services throughout the state of Connecticut.

In our almost 50 years in business, we have provided employment opportunities for over 100,000 individuals and have competently and cost-efficiently met the staffing needs of many Fortune 500 and 100 companies.

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