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Our 100% Service Guarantee

With the high-quality candidates and matching expertise of Jaci Carroll Staffing, every assignment will meet your highest expectations. We unconditionally guarantee all our employees for quality, reliability and professionalism. Each employee is bonded and insured, and a summary of our insurance policies is always available upon request.

Our reference verification system and our TQM follow-up program complete the most stringent set of standards that far surpass other staffing services' common practices. Only at Jaci Carroll do these rigorous processes guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Partner with us today if you want this extra effort to start paying off in results for you.

It is our goal to function as an extension of your personnel department. Through our screening, training and testing procedures, we strive to send you the person best qualified to meet your needs. Because your satisfaction is our primary goal we issue a written statement that each employee is...100% Guaranteed.

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