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By looking forward, and anticipating changes in the employment arena, Jaci Carroll Staffing is prepared for your company's current and future staffing needs.

We can handle all your employment-related tasks including: payroll, taxes, I9/E-Verify ID authorization, Social Security verification, workers compensation, state and federal unemployment, risk management, payroll administration, advertising, recruiting, interviewing, skill evaluation, benefits, pre employment testing including drug testing and background check . Our comprehensive list of services gives you a true staffing partner who always has satisfied clients.

And remember, as a Nationally Certified Woman-Owned Business and a certified State of Connecticut Diversity Supplier, we can be an important part of your diversity supplier program.

Current studies show that 75% of all business expenses are related to personnel. So, whether you need to hire one person for one day, a group of people for a few weeks, a large staff with an on-site manager, or the ideal employee for a direct hire position, there's one thing to remember - you don't have to handle it yourself. Whatever duration or skill classification you require, let Jaci Carroll Staffing put our excellent resources to work for you.

We send you just the right people screened, tested, trained, insured and 100% Guaranteed!

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